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Over 135 years ago 21 lucky families where networked for the first time in history by a simple yet fascinating devise that would transmit your voice over long distances via electrical pulses. The telephone exchange was born.

Red2TeL was formed to educate and guide small business owners on the benefits of hosted telephone service. With First Class Personalized Service designed exclusively for the Great American Entrepreneur, your telephone service is customized with all the features and add-ons usually found in fortune 500 companies.

• Features offered: all of them.
• Cost: 20% less than your traditional telephone service.
• Service: concierge style
• PNP: we listen, plan and setup all services.

With today’s new fiber optic technologies and everyday low prices on computer equipment, we operate our own cloud telephone service at a fraction of a cost of traditional telephone companies. Our Cloud servers are maximized in efficiency by combining telephone hosting, email hosting and website hosting under one roof. Our operational costs are reduced by 1/3 by combining three services in one. With this unique business model we are able to educate, customize and setup all your communication needs with the best technologies available at a fraction of the cost.

• 1 to 15 voice lines
• 1 to 3 fax lines
• 1 to 5 text message lines
• 1 to 5 Interactive voice response lines
• 1 to 5 Call Queue (keeps callers on hold with music until you’re available)

All starting at $35 dollars a month.

Please do not hesitate to call for a prompt customized quote.